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Getting our gym knickers in a twist

As part of my ongoing attempt to be as nauseatingly middle class as possible, I ran a marathon last week. I say ‘ran’ – it was more of a flat-footed lurch, evidenced by the grotesque photographs the organisers kindly sent … Continue reading

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Hawking another cosmic myth

So Stephen Hawking doesn’t understand women, apparently. It’s a neat little PR hook, spun out ahead of the celebrations and mental machinations to be held in his honour to mark his 70th birthday, and the kind of thing press officers … Continue reading

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On Saturday, along with roughly half a million others, I joined the March for the Alternative. I walked with the women’s bloc for the very simple reason that I believe the proposed cuts disproportionately impact on women, and that the … Continue reading

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The failings of the progressive online

I’ll tell you what pisses me off. One, having my gender render me invisible; and two, being told I need to enter the online political mainstream in order to make my opinions matter. Both of these things were lurking in … Continue reading

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Fathers, enter stage left…

I originally wrote this for LabourList, but I thought it could do with a second airing on my own pages: Whether or not you are inclined to believe that the Coalition’s recently announced spending cuts was a tactical rapier to … Continue reading

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A backbench of her own

When I joined the Labour party in the wake of May’s defeat, it was for one reason above all others and with the advice of someone I once met ringing in my ears: “Always join a sinking ship; there is … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Women…

Despite the fact I work in the media, I’m never entirely sure who reads The Sunday Times Style section. I’m assuming it’s the same people who are defiantly spending their way out of the recession to save the nation from … Continue reading

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