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Do me a favour, love

It’s reassuring to know that if I get a bit ahead of myself and imagine a world in which people are judged on merit and merit alone, there will always be some pumped up little twat to remind me that … Continue reading


It’s a fact

“Facts”, squeaked Michael Gove this week, “I am saying we need to have facts in the curriculum – facts, knowledge.” Well, yes, quite. Up until this point, Sir – as a friend drolly elaborated – we have been learning mere whimsy. … Continue reading

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What Woody Sez

I saw Woody Sez last night – a musical-cum-tribute to the late, great Woody Guthrie, the all-singing American folk hero. Truly, I was eyes-wide in rapture at the music and the stories unfolding in front of me. Throughout his life, … Continue reading

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The failings of the progressive online

I’ll tell you what pisses me off. One, having my gender render me invisible; and two, being told I need to enter the online political mainstream in order to make my opinions matter. Both of these things were lurking in … Continue reading

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If you go into the woods tonight…

The death of Joanna Yeates, the 25 year old architect from Bristol, during the Christmas period was a chilling reminder that violence against women – just like the news cycle – doesn’t stop for the holidays. The media fanfare around … Continue reading

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